WEED - Experts for Change

What we want:

WEED advocates for an ecologically sustainable, globally just, and democratic world economic order.

We need a fundamental economic and social transformation to halt the impending environmental and climate catastrophe, promote global justice, and ensure respect for human rights worldwide.



What we do:

Politically, we focus on the special responsibility of Germany, the Global North, and international corporate actors for the unjust world economic order and global environmental destruction. We research and analyze the negative impacts of the capitalist economic system on both people and the environment.

We engage in public awareness and lobbying efforts within the societal and political sphere, conduct actions and campaigns, and bring analyses and calls for socio-ecological transformation to the public.

In collaboration with other civil society organizations and social movements from the Global South and North, we develop reform and transformation proposals that we contribute to political processes and debates, thus driving forward change.

Furthermore, we design educational offerings to raise awareness among people about their political options for action.