Global Learning & Education

Young people from a football club point to a world map.

Education has long been used to prepare young people for a society as it is. Today the education system is faced more than ever with the challenge of teaching young people the skills they need to deal with a changing world and global crises. They need skills to critically evaluate complex issues, reflect on their own values and role in the world and help shape upcoming social changes. Local and global crises are on the rise and are omnipresent, especially through social media.

At the same time, there is rarely space in traditional educational work to explore issues of social injustice, ecological crises and to find answers to pressing questions together.

With its projects in the field of global learning, WEED places global contexts at the centre of its educational work. The aim is to strengthen the three skills areas of recognising, evaluating and acting, as these provide a basis for helping to shape a fairer and more sustainable society. Our work in the field of global learning therefore has a clear value orientation in terms of global justice and a sustainable future for all.

WEED has been developing educational material and workshop programmes for many years. Our educational material examines the global economic system and the reasons for social injustice and ecological crises. There are no simple answers, which is why we create spaces in which a shared learning process can be initiated, assumptions can be discussed and alternatives can be explored.

With our educational work, we want to

  • highlight global connections, enable a change of perspective and critically reflect on power structures and our own position within them
  • shed light on the historical background of global injustices and the ongoing effects of colonialism
  • develop options for action for a fairer, sustainable world and motivate people to work towards this
  • create learning spaces that are as non-discriminatory as possible, in which people can exchange ideas and try things out

Educational material

WEED regularly develops educational material to work with various target groups, especially children and young people, on relevant topics relating to the global economic system. All of the material is freely available digitally. Some of the materials can also be ordered online as print versions. As we are based in Germany most of the educational material is only available in German language unfortunately.

Our poster (B)All Around The World - Can We Fair It? is available in English here.

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